Microsoft SQL Server


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Solution OMD puts at your disposal a team of DBA experts certified Microsoft SQL server to assist you in the realization of your projects.

Administration SQL Server 2008 - AZURE

  • Backups strategy
  • Recovery and restore data
  • Database Architecture
  • Consolidation of SQL Server
  • Database Configuration
  • SQL Server Configuration
  • Installation of SQL Server, SSAS, SSRS
  • High availability of SQL Server
  • SQL Server Migration
  • SQL Server Updates
  • Database replication
  • Index Maintenance plan
  • Statistic Maintenance plan
  • Support 24/7


  • T-SQL query
  • Store procedure
  • Data transfer (SSIS)
  • BI (SSAS)
  • Reports (SSRS)

Expertise Report

  • SQL Server audit (30 check points)
  • Performance audit
  • Recommendation report
  • Implementation plan

On-call DBA Service

These three levels of services offer you flexibility in your resource management for a project or an emergency situation. If you do not have a DBA full time, this service is what you need.


SLA 1hrs

Minimum of 20 hours per week
Monthly report included


SLA 8 hrs

Minimum of 30 hours per month


SLA 24 hrs

Minimum 50 hours per 3 months


None SLA

Best effort with Bank time defined

OMD Analyzer (Version 1.0 Available)

Create your account in the client area to download this tool!

OMD Analyzer provides statistics to manage the evolution of database servers to be proactive to find potential performance problems.

OMD Analyzer is modular, which is an advantage for the customer who can choose among those that are necessary.

Audit: This module detects changes on SQL Server, such as adding a user, a change of permission, a change to the model of a database, as well as several others.

Index: This module gives informations on indexes such as their size, their use and their evolution allowing well manage to have a better performance of SQL Server.

Policy: This module allows to have predefined rules to follow Microsoft recommendations for your database, company standards, have alerts and statistics on it.

Statistics: This module diagnoses the statistics that are not up to date and help to establish a proper schedule to maintain a good performance of SQL Server and have SQL queries to be more efficient.

Monitor: This tool monitors your SQL Server errorlogs, detects faulty tasks, and other types of faults that are important for the proper functioning of your applications.

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